Integrating health and social care services

This is an opportunity to hear about how integrating health and social care is making a difference in Dudley and hear our plans for new models of care as a Vanguard area.

You will have the opportunity to contribute your ideas to the debate.


Developing a Community Wellbeing Compact/Citizen’s Deal focusing on factors that keep people healthy and well

Communities of place, interest and identity have a vital contribution to make to health and wellbeing. The assets within communities such as skills and knowledge, social networks, local groups and community organisations are building blocks for good health. This workshop will consider how community-centred approaches that build on individual and community assets can become an essential part of local health plans and strategies. You will also hear about an exciting opportunity to get involved in a borough wide community asset mapping project called What’s Great About Dudley?


Advocating for children’s health and wellbeing

This workshop will share some of the ways in which partner organisations in Dudley currently engage with children and young people. Following this, group members will be given an opportunity to identify how the Health and Wellbeing Board can build on the existing good practice to continue to develop and improve their role as advocates for young people in the borough.

Learning from experience and evidence – Lightning talks

Come and listen to four short talks on a range of topics that show how we have used research and new ways of working to address some health and wellbeing challenges.

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