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Conference videos

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Videos of our conference speakers are available to view on our videos page. Thanks to John Popham from Citizen’s Interactive Broadcasting for uploading these videos from the live stream.

Dr William Bird’s presentation on how green spaces and the built environment affect health behaviour was a great hit with conference participants. Beginning his talk with the evolution of humans, Dr Bird then shared some fascinating evidence about the effects of being near to trees and plants on our health and performance. He reminded us of some basic cellular biology, described some startling health issues and left us with some great practical examples of ways to get people moving which he has helped to develop as a founder of Intelligent Health.

Below is Dr Bird’s talk which inspired our conference participants to get out and about in green spaces!



Watch the conference live video stream

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live stream iconWe are delighted to be welcoming John Popham from Citizens’ Interactive Broadcasting to this year’s conference. John will be running a live video stream from the event, featuring our speakers in the morning session, and the four Lightning Talks which will take place before the lunch break.

You can tune in online through John Popham Live between 9.30am and 12.30pm on Friday. We’ll upload the video to this blog after the event too.

You can also join conversation throughout the conference on twitter using the hashtag #DudleyHWB

Image credit: Ruben Vh from the Noun Project


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Hi and welcome to this mini site we’ll be using to share updates and information in the run up to Dudley Health and Wellbeing Board’s Conference.

During and after the conference we’ll also upload slides, photos, videos, reports and more, creating an online archive available to all. Last year’s conference mini site attracted over 2,300 views from 400 visitors, and provides a great record of the day, packed with photos, videos and more. Check it out here.

We’ve chosen to use a blogging platform so that you can join in the conversation if you wish. Please do add your questions or comments, and if you’d like to guest blog or share resources here which relate to the conference themes do get in touch with us by email:

Contributors to this site are Katherine Finney from Dudley Council and Lorna Prescott from Dudley CVS. We’re part of the conference planning team along with colleagues from Public Health: Diane McNulty, Sarah Willets and Sarah Cook. We’d love to hear from you if you have questions or can offer your talents during the event – we’re always on the look out for photographers and social reporters (people who share what’s happening at an event through social media platforms like twitter).